Our Farm

We recently moved to a new location in beautiful Clearfield County, PA. Our goal is to create 40 acres of cow heaven! We have multiple barn spaces in which to house different groups by age, nutritional needs, and stage of pregnancy and are currently in the process of designing a fencing arrangement for rotational grazing. In a few short months, we will even have a separate pasture attached to the handling facility that can be used to house client owned donor cattle so that they need not be co-mingled with our herd during their stay.


One of the reasons that we chose this particular farm was the large amount of barn space. In bad weather, all of the cattle can be kept inside with good ventilation, but out of the elements. There is plenty of space for individual or group calving pens and an area to create a neonatal intensive care unit for those calves that need a little extra help getting started.


Keep an eye on the site for photos of the farm as our plans take shape! Please feel free to contact us to set up a time to see the new farm.