Livestock Reproduction Services


Embryo Recovery

In this process, a donor cow is treated with a specific hormone (follicle stimulating hormone) to induce ovulation of multiple follicles. After standing estrus, she is inseminated to produce multiple embryos. Approximately 7 days after insemination, the embryos are collected from her uterus (“flushed). These embryos are then either transferred into synchronized recipient (surrogate) cows or cryogenically frozen for later transfer.

Embryo Transfer

Embryos recovered either from the procedure above or from other reproductive procedures, such as IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) are transferred into recipient cows.

Recipient Cow Service

We provide the cow, you provide the embryo! Using our healthy, BLV, BVD, Johnes’ Disease negative cows to raise your embryos allows you, the breeder, to focus on your genetically valuable stock.

Option 1- Buy the recipient- If you are lacking for recipient cows and are looking for a great way to acquire some, here it is! Our recipients come from a closed herd that is BLV, BVD, and Johnes’ Disease negative. If there are other diseases you are concerned about, please let us know- testing is available. We will place the embryo, confirm pregnancy, and sex the fetus. Once the pregnancy is at 90 days, you take delivery.

Option 2- Let us raise your calf- We will place the embryo, confirm pregnancy, and sex the fetus (if possible). When the calf is born, it will receive appropriate veterinary care and you will take delivery on weaning (30 days for dairy calves, 4-6 months for beef calves). You only pay for a live calf, so if your farm is not well set up for calving, either physically or with labor, this is a great option.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

Starting at 32 days, we will confirm pregnancy by ultrasound.*

*We remind pregnancy diagnosis clients that a significant percentage of pregnancies (up to 15%) are lost up to 60 days, so confirmation at 32 days does not guarantee a viable pregnancy. A re-examination should be performed after 60 days to confirm status.

Fetal Sexing

60-90 days, dependent upon calf position and cow size

Neonatal Intensive Care

Newborn calves are fragile and sometimes require a bit of extra help to get started in life. We have extensive experience caring for sick and premature calves and keep a wide variety of equipment and medications in stock. Whether this is a planned event, such as a terminal c-section with a premature calf, or an unforeseen illness in a valuable calf, we will do everything possible to care for your newborn. As you are likely to have the best outcome when your calf is not yet critically ill, please contact us at the first sign of illness so that we may have a better chance at saving a life.

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Small Ruminant Artificial Insemination

Small Ruminant Embryo Recovery

Small Ruminant Embryo Transfer services

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact us for more information.